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Heiti verkefnis: Cyclodextrin microparticles for targeted ocular drug delivery

Leiðbeinandi: Þorsteinn Loftsson

Um verkefniðPrevious studies have shown that cyclodextrin (CD) complexes can self-assemble to form nanoparticles (diameter 20-100 nm) and then, under certain conditions these nanoparticles form microparticles (diameter 1-2 μm).  Disease of the posterior segment of the eye is one of the most common causes of blindness in the world. At the same time drug delivery is the most pressing problem in ocular pharmacology. Main objective of this project is to investigate the physicochemical properties of these CD particles, such as their size and shape and stability, with the ultimate goal of developing CD nanoparticles into effective carrier systems for ocular drug delivery.  We will do so by investigating how CD nanoparticles permeate mucus, how they disassemble in vivo after drug delivery to the target tissue and how the monomers are eliminated from the body.  Nano- and microparticles will be developed for topical drug delivery to the posterior segment of the eye.



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